Day 0 in California. Survived the long ass bitch flight thanks to the Beyoncé album they had on the flight. Got detained at the airport for two hours cuz I have a Muhammad in my name but it’s all good. The weather is lovely here and I don’t want to go back to Singapore. The shop assistants are so frigging friendly and they don’t follow you around. Gonna start writing more about this trip man haha 
#Hanifornia #CaliforniaSwag #FMSinHollywood
happy birthday to my sexy chocolate man and its time to grow some chocolate balls to talk to the hoes (at Pop Punk Rooftop)

my blog will make you horny ;))

Expire - Just Fine (x)

Ring of Steall - By: (Richard Gaston) - (Follow on Tumblr)


The Boy Who Could Fly- Pierce The Veil [x]

Lurf dat song👏😭